"The Encounters"


大阪 心斎橋 Club STOMPドネーションコンピレーションアルバム『The Encounters』


新型コロナウィルス(COVID-19)の世界的な蔓延の影響で営業自粛を余儀なくされているClub STOMPのドネーション企画としてClub STOMP所縁の総勢36組の豪華アーティストたちが楽曲を提供し、コンピレーションアルバム『The Encounters』がBandcampよりリリースされている。錚々たる豪華な36人のラインナップとその人数だけみても、とっても愛されている箱であることわかると思う。内容も最高に素晴らしい。Club STOMPへ行ったことのない人も、是非聞いてDLしてほしい。フィジカルでのリリースも控えているので要チェック!



ジャケットにはANAGRAのクラウドファンディングにもアートワークを提供してくれたUC EASTの絵が使われている。以下、Phoneheadによるステートメント。

この『The Encounters』と題されたコンピレーションアルバムはCOVID-19の世界的蔓延を受け、2020年4月25日現在、営業自粛を余儀なくされている大阪東心斎橋の「老舗」と呼んでも差し支えのないキャリアを持つClub STOMPのドネーションとして企画されました。 

楽曲を提供した総勢36組のClub STOMP所縁のアーティストたちの名前を列挙するだけでもこれまで同店が結んできた広範に及ぶ「縁」のあり方を見て取れると思います。 




また、タイトルになったThe Encounters(遭遇者たち)はClub STOMPの現店長アキヒロ氏の二つ名である「未知との遭遇」から着想を得ました。東心斎橋のとある界隈を象徴する人物の一人として、また私たちはアキヒロ氏並びにClub STOMPとの遭遇者であることを表明するものです。 

COVID-19により被災した全ての方へのお見舞いと共に、来るべき新しい世界での再会への祈りを込めて、ここに『The Encounters』を発表します。 




The Encounters制作委員会一同




Artwork : UC EAST


Text : Phonehead

Compiled : Hypnotic inc.

Special Thanks to AKIHIRO / Club STOMP







"The Encounters" series of compilations is to raise funds to keep Club Stomp - an established venue in the well-known Higashi-Shinsaibashi nightlife district in Osaka - going during the Covid-19 epidemic, as at the time of writing (25 April 2020) the club are currently in the middle of a voluntarily hiatus from business activities. 


The 36 tracks to be released have been provided by Club Stomp-related and adjacent artists, showing the true scope of the music played and enjoyed at the club. 


In light of the current situation the phrase "together - just at home" has been used quite frequently and these tracks were produced with this phrase in mind. The moods and feelings evoked range from more meditative tracks to help enrich self-isolation to proper bangers for whenever you want to evacuate to the nearest dancefloor just to get away from the stress of it all. Put another way we hope these tracks serve as a way to help listeners reflect on just what exactly the concepts of "a space" and "home" can mean. 


We also hope these tracks can - in their own small way - give listeners the strength to persevere in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic and the knock-on effects it has had on society and provide some sort of mental respite. 


Recently people have started to use the word "post-pandemic" to describe the hopefully near future where Covid-19 is no longer a threat to humanity but, due to the changes the epidemic has wrought, the world cannot exactly go back to how it was. Indeed we are already in the midst of a new order of things being created. As such when listening to these tracks we would like people to consider what sort of brave new world they would like to see created. 


Incidentally the name of this compilation is a play on Akihiro (the man behind Club Stomp)'s handle - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (translated literally the Japanese title is "Encounters with the Unknown). 


Akihiro may only be one person but this compilation expresses our well wishes for the Higashi-Shinsaibashi district as a whole as well as our desire to meet up in person with Akihiro at Club Stomp again. 


It is our expression of sympathy for all of those affected by Covid-19 and a heartfelt prayer we can all meet again (in person!) soon - in the meantime however enjoy The Encounters.

The Encounters Vol . 1


01. anonymous - the anxious world order


03. Bushmind - Jesse & Chester

04. Limited Toss - Satisfaction

05. Methodd - Out of Remote Control

06. Naohiro Tomisawa - The Journy 5.0

07. orhythmo - Euthanasie I/III

08. shirakosound - 711+A

09. SHIZKA feat. 千紗子と純太 - formant sunrise (vocal edit)


11. Torei - Kurokiri Island

12. YOSHIMARL - GamePlan




The Encounters Vol . 2


01.Albino Sound - Keep on

02. AVV - the basement dub

03. Bonnounomukuro - Give me ordinary pleasure 


05. Le Makeup - ボール

06. magvel - 200404

07. Metome Dive - Pt.3 

08. Ramza - SWMP

09. Voicemail - Ren Min Road

10. YPY - Untitled 





The Encounters Vol . 3



02. hypnotic inc. - STOMP! (BURNING OCTOPUS EDIT)

03. moanyusky - specium rays mood (stomp mix)

04. NEW MANUKE - Street Ocean

05. okadada - sessions with nothing

06. Pharakami Sanders - PET22

07. Schwartz Brotchen - Lives Matter 

08. SPINNUTS - Caroliner Sunrise 

09. Ztom Motoyama - The Silence of the Virus

10. Ψυχή - SYMBIOSIS

11. オカダダ - practice for arp 003 

12. くまちゃんシール - UMAIUMAI 

13. 服部峻 - 夕暮れ