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ドメスティックで気鋭のアーティストの作品集を出版しているTang Dengから、ペインター、グラフィック・デザイナー西橋伸太郎による「般若心経」が出版されます。画集の発売記念として9月18日からANAGRAで原画の展示と、ANAGRAの中に併設されるセレクトショップ[A.N.D.TOKYO]にて画集の即売、経典グッズの販売を致します。この本の出版元であるTANG DENGのPOP UP SHOPも開催いたしますので合わせてお楽しみください。












「色即是空」や「涅槃」「死」、そして般若心経の大トリを飾るマントラ「羯諦 羯諦 波羅羯諦 波羅僧羯諦 菩提薩婆訶」が、美しく繊細なタッチの動植物をモチーフに描かれています。重厚でもあり時にユーモラス、圧巻です。







We are releasing an art book Heart Sutra by painter and graphic designer, Shintaro Nishihashi.

I believe art has the ability to allow us to possess a resistant attitude, it gives us the opportunity to compromise and also harmonize with our sense of discomfort towards society, and also our own life and death. From this point of view, the Buddhist and classic masterpiece “Heart Sutra” is truly art.


Human beings suffer from intangible concepts ー obsession, occasionally despair, joy ー and continue to live and die. For these reasons life is painful. Through the style of preaching, the “Heart Sutra” gives us hints as to how to break free from these obsessions.

This book began from the idea that I wanted to make the Heart Sutra more approachable for people. Nishihashi has a particular style; using flora and fauna motifs to form letters. I thought I would ask him to design the 276 letters for the book, a project that took two and a half years. Now, the 298-pages of mysterious scripture/art book are complete.


“Form itself is emptiness”, “Nirvana” or “Death”, and the last mantra of the Heart Sutra “Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha” are drawn beautifully, the floral and fauna motifs created with a delicate touch. Profound and at times humorous, Nishihashi’s work is compelling.


Personally, I am not religious but I hope that people who are like myself take this book as an enlightening art book and that it will alway be close to them in their daily life. When they suffer from the intangible concepts that fill our life, they can look at this book as a pop Sutra.


From the editor of TANG DENG

般若DM 一覧表.jpg


西橋伸太郎 著


Tang Deng 2020




ペーパーバック、11 × 17.8cm、フルカラー・オフセット、298ページ、エディション300


カバーイラスト、デザイン 高山燦基

編集、ブックデザイン 石丸洋平

出版 平田崇人 | Tang Deng 株式会社

151-0064 東京都渋谷区上原1-32-18 小林ビル3F




ISBN 978-4-908749-24-7

©2020 Shintaro Nishihashi and Tang Deng




by Shintaro Nishihashi


Tang Deng 2020


4,400JPY(TAX IN)


Softcover, 11 × 17.8cm, Full Color Illustrations, 298pages, Editon300


Cover illustration and design by Aki Takayama  

Edit and book design by Yohei Ishimaru

Publisher : Takahito Hirata | Tang Deng Co., Ltd.

1-32-18 Kobayashi Bldg. 3rd Floor, Uehara Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 151-0064




ISBN 978-4-908749-24-7

©2020 Shintaro Nishihashi and Tang Deng

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